Spray Extraction Cleaners

Spray Extraction Cleaners
Hagerty Spray Extraction Cleaner blueH
The ideal spray cleaner for effectively cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture
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Our extraction vacuums are ideal as a carpet cleaning device and as an upholstery cleaner

Many customers also use the vacuum cleaner to clean their car seats and sofa. Especially when children smear food on it, our upholstery cleaner is the best solution to get the protection out of the fabric. Borrowing our carpet cleaners dm is possible at any time. For dog owners, too, there are often moments when you urgently need a way to clean your carpet or other floor coverings. With Hagerty they enjoy a clean and beautiful home.

Feel free to contact us. You can also specify whether you want to rent the carpet cleaning machine as a vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning or as an upholstery cleaning device. We have been offering the rental service for many years.

Hagerty BlueH vacuum cleaner for cleaning dog pee and cat pee from the sofa or the carpet